What We Do

Array is a brand studio dedicated to making beautiful brands and products. We continued to get requests about our branding expertise, so we tailored our process to deliver more high-quality brand design.

Position your brand
Deep dive into brand thinking and create a design strategy to execute against.

Create a new identity
Design an iconic logo and establish the right look, feel and voice.

Build a brand system
Create and leverage a visual framework that brings everything together.

Design a website  
Launch a powerful website so your marketing team can move fast.

Our Approach

Branding has the power to make a small team look big, scale a billion dollar start up, unify services under one roof, empower a company culture to do great work or make you worth talking about.

We make brands for different reasons. In the end, it’s about the value we can create that drives us.


We specialize in branding.

Every business has challenges to solve. We've learned to use abstract thinking, taste and good reasoning to solve complex problems.

We are small.

We’re intentionally small. We like the benefits of one-to-one relationships with clients. Collaboration is upfront. Less translation. And it allows us to deliver dangerously competitive work.