After acquiring six bulk shipping solutions brands, Bulk Lift International needed a cohesive visual identity, website, and copy to reflect its status as North America's largest provider of engineered bulk transportation packaging solutions.

The client chose Gravis, the Latin word for "heavy," to reflect the platform's breadth and credibility. After strategic validation of the new brand name, we developed an energetic, scalable visual system to allow for future acquisitions.

The Webflow-built site is sleek and functional, featuring product simulations that disrupt the bulk packaging industry. Brand writing communicates its promise to tackle the biggest shipping challenge, empowering customers to "Get it right with Gravis."

Most importantly, the system speaks with passion and purpose to rally stakeholders for years to come.




Bulk Lift International

Bagwell Supply

Norwood Paper





Brand Identity

Verbal Identity

Art Direction


Web Design



Bulk Packaing



Brian Perez, Creative Director

Idoia Gkikas, Brand Writer

Knitted City, CG Studio

The Gravis logo is inspired by the concept of durability and the barrier properties associated with bulk packaging products. Think puncturing, chemicals, moisture, temperature, and weight. The monogram uses bold parallel layers to symbolize the company's mission to solve the toughest packaging problems.

The primary color palette strikes attention using contrasting colors. The secondary palette incorporates cool neutrals and a warm tone to create balance and approachability. The logo and color are paired with the typeface Metro Sans by Studio Few to complete the brand system's foundational components.

Custom marketing assets were created to bring a cohesive look and feel across the merging product lines. We art directed and produced 30+ product simulations in collaboration with CG studio Knitted City.